The methods we use on our English courses reflect the students' needs as well as the simple fact that not all students learn in the same way. At the heart of everything we do is the relationship between teacher and student. This means that through our weekly tutorial system everyone receives individual attention even if they are being taught in a class as each student negotiates their own aims and targets. Our English courses use Apple Ipad Technology and have won awards for innovation. Our courses are unique and don't exist in any other English Language schools.

The key communication skill and number one request from most students is to be a confident and successful speaker. For this reason, our schools all have three different types of classroom design to provide practice in Meetings, Projects and Conversation. Language learning is a continual and ongoing process and the time a student spends with us is only a part of their learning relationship with English – this is why it is our responsibility through testing and interviewing to understand what each person needs and wants, to help them achieve their goals during their English courses and then to guide them into the future. We know we are successful when the English our students learn makes a difference to their lives after they have the school.

As part of your English course, you will also have two free study club lessons and a weekly tutorial with a teacher, designed to help you set and reach your learning outcomes.

The more you practise your English, the better you will get. We also organise at least three social activities per week and encourage students to speak in English to boost your confidence, outside of the English classes.